Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common type of Arthritis and is a progressive disease that causes the breakdown of cartilage in the joint. As cartilage is eliminated, bone ends begin to rub against each other; this causes the end of the bones to break down and erode.

Osteoarthritis FAQ

What is Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is a painful and debilitating joint disease that causes the cartilage in the joints to wear away. Osteoarthritis affects more than 27 million people in the United States, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Osteoarthritis is also called 'degenerative joint disease' and is very common, especially in the aging population.

As we age, our joints continue to experience wear and tear after years of heavy use; this can lead to the erosion of the cartilage that protects the bones from rubbing against each other. Articular Cartilage tends to be found at the end of bones and it allows the joint to move as well as flex easily and smoothly - most importantly, without pain and friction. Cartilage is made of strong and flexible connective tissue is is designed to protect the bone and surrounding joints. The Articular Cartilage protects the ends of the bones at the joint and can be damaged by injury or normal wear and tear.

Is Osteoarthritis Curable?

Osteoarthritis is a chronic condition that can be managed, but it's not curable. There are ways to help manage symptoms however and your Doctor and/or physiotherapist will likely advise you on various options after your diagnosis.

How Common is Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis affects more than 27 million people in the United States, according to the National Institute of Health (NIH).

Is Osteaoarthritis in the Foot Common?

Osteoarthritis in the knee and hip is much more common than osteoarthritis in the foot. However, osteoarthritis in the foot has more likelihood of developing if you have experienced a chronic injury (for example an ankle sprain or fracture somewhere in your foot) or it can occur over time if you have abnormal foot mechanics, such as high arches.

Will Osteoarthritis Shorten My Life?

Osteoarthritis is not a fatal condition, and likely won't shorten your life. But osteoarthritis can cause pain and disability, which can cause a lot of misery.

Is Osteoarthritis Contagious?


What Does Osteoarthritis Feel Like?

Osteoarthritis can cause pain, stiffness and swelling in the joints. The severity of osteoarthritis depends on how long you've had it and how often it's affecting you. As articular cartilage disappears, more and more friction occurs in the joint, impeding fluid movement while also causing a LOT of pain.

Describe How Osteoarthritis Affects A Knee

The cartilage around your knee joint wears away over time from a combination of overuse and aging. Lack of articular cartilage in the knee joint causes pain on the front side of the upper thighbone (femur). If you are overweight or have an injury to one knee, it can make it harder for blood vessels in this area to heal properly after they have been damaged (especially after surgery) because there isn't enough room in between bones for them to grow back together properly before scar tissue forms over them. Lack of blood vessel growth in the area can create more problems due to inadequate blood supply, leading to reduced recovery capability and possibly deeper complications like increased infection risk.

Where Does Osteoarthritis Commonly Occur?

Osteoarthritis is most commonly seen in the knees, but it can also affect the hip, ankle, spine and other joints.

articular cartilage infographic hyaline cartilage

Who Is Most At Risk To Get OsteoArthritis?

  • Age: The onset of osteoarthritis can be sudden or gradual, but it usually develops in middle-aged people, sometimes after they've reached 30 years old and progresses over time until they reach their 50s or 60s. OA most often strikes people over the age of 45 years.
  • Activity: People who engage in intense physical activity may also be at higher risk due to increased joint wear over a shorter timespan.
  • The joints affected by osteoarthritis are those that have been used for many years, such as hips and knees. If you have suffered significant wear due to previous injuries, you will be more at risk of developing osteoarthritis. As an example, if you have have experienced a ruptured ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) in your younger years, it is basically a statistical certainty that you will suffer from osteoarthritis in that same knee later on in life.
  • Obesity: People who are overweight or obese are more likely to develop osteoarthritis than people with normal body weight because they have more pressure on their joints due to extra weight bearing down on them.

Despite typically affecting older people who have had decades of wear on their joints due to age, injury or obesity - it can also affect younger people who have suffered chronic injuries like bone fractures or repetitive stress injuries (RSI). RSI example: carpal tunnel syndrome from working at a computer all day long without taking breaks from typing or mouse movement.

Can Osteoarthritis Be Treated?

There are a number of different treatments available for osteoarthritis, and they all have their pros and cons. Some are more effective than others, some are more expensive than others and some have more side effects than others. Some require a longer period of treatment before you see any improvement in your symptoms while others may not work as well but do not cause any problems either. In addition to this there is no guarantee that one treatment will work for everyone; it depends on the individual person's situation which makes it difficult for doctors to advise patients what kind of treatment would suit them best or whether surgery would be beneficial at all times (if ever).

Cartilage & Its Relationship To Bones

Articular Cartilage is the name of cartilage that is found at the end of bones. A basic overview of cartilage is as follows:

  • Cartilage is found at both ends of bones, where they meet other bones or tissues such as muscles or tendons.
  • Cartilage helps stabilize joints by cushioning them against shock and absorbing pressure when you move your body parts around.
  • When cartilage wears down over time due to aging or injury, it can lead to osteoarthritis, a condition where bone rubs directly against bone under stress from weight bearing activities. If you are dealing with osteoarthritis in the hip, knee or foot, a weight bearing activity is really anything having to do with being on your feet like walking or running on hard surfaces (such as concrete pavement or cobblestone streets).

When bones rub together without cartilage, this will often be incredibly painful, causing inflammation and decreased mobility. Eventually this could become completely debilitating, causing complete immobility.

Osteoarthritis Diagnosis

To help diagnose your condition, the Doctor may use Computed tomography (CT scan) which is a useful technology, intended to give detailed images of tissues inside the body. Images of Bones, muscles, blood vessels and more can be recorded using cutting edge CT technology. The diagnosis of osteoarthritis depends on how long a person has experienced symptoms such as:

  • Symptoms related to joint pain and stiffness.
  • Morning joint stiffness lasting longer than 30 minutes after waking up from sleep.
  • Symptoms not relieved by applying heat or cold packs or rest alone.
  • Limitation in motion due to joint pain.
  • X-rays confirm narrowing of joint space due to bone spurs forming over time. This is usually due to repetitive strain/overuse injuries causing ligaments/tendons attaching bones together becoming lax/weak over time instead of staying strong like during youth.

Scar Tissue & Fibrotic Adhesions

All connective tissue is living tissue; tissue requires a blood supply and is continually in a state of regeneration. Any and all connective tissue has the potential for injury and inflammation. Injuries can be small such as in the case of a strain, or injuries can be large tears or even avulsions (complete tearing). Once an injury is experienced, the area will experience both inflammation and the growth of scar tissue (otherwise known as adhesions).

The occurrence of scar tissue is a regular part of life. Scar tissue forms as part of the progression after injury occurs. Scar tissue essentially 'fills in the gaps' after a cut, tear or wound presents itself in the body. Scar tissue is composed of the protein, collagen; it is widely known in the medical community that scar tissue is weaker and less flexible than original tissue.

  • Normal/original connective tissue is made up of collagen, but this collagen is aligned in a specific direction with each strand in alignment. This results in the connective tissue having a strong tensile strength while also having excellent flexibility and extensibility.
  • Scar tissue is made up of a 'criss cross/ random' formation of collagen and attaches to everything in the area. You can likely imagine the result of a patch of scar tissue; the effect is similar to pouring extremely sticky glue in your hair. It interrupts everything and is disruptive to the function of the connective tissue. The caveat is that the scar tissue does its job - it binds tears together. You definitely want the tear to heal, but it is important to ensure the scar tissue goes away despite the fact that it does not go away easily.
  • After scar tissue forms, although the wound or cut is now closed (and less prone to infection), the area of tissue itself is inferior in functionality to what it replaced.

Continuous re-injury and build-up of scar tissue makes it more likely that you will wind up with chronic pain, reduced Range of Motion or even arthritis (permanent damage).

Heal Quickly to Minimize Scar Tissue Growth & Reduce Re-Injury Risk

injured fascia scar tissue

For tissue injuries, it is important to heal quickly and completely; this will help minimize the build up of scar tissue. If you don't, your tissue injury may be the start of a long term chronic injury resulting in a loss of Range of Motion and joint atrophy.

The human body will use scar tissue as a temporary solution and will try to build the scar tissue as fast as possible to heal tears in soft tissue (muscles, tendons). Scar tissue can form fast to bring together the edges of a tear, but working fast doesn't mean that the job's done right. When scar tissue forms it doesn't come together as neatly as regular (healthy) tendon/ligament tissue would. Scar tissue fibers will lay down over top of your tear in a cluttered, messy and jumbled up way.

This is how scar tissue works - it is messy and inelastic. The scar tissue that forms in your soft tissue will be unorganized and won't line up properly with the healthy tissue surrounding the tear. This scar tissue will attach to everything in and around the tear including the surrounding healthy tissue as well. This results in a long-term fusing together of everything the scar tissue touches, reducing your ability to move and making the injury even more painful!

The longer a soft tissue injury remains, the more scar tissue is likely to build up in and around the injury location. This is why it is critical to treat your injury quickly without delay. Continuous re-injury and build-up of scar tissue while staying active or going back to work means you will experience a greater risk of winding up with on-going, chronic foot pain and overcompensation injuries to the hips, knee(s), and or back.

The TShellz® Circulatory Boost Wrap & Why You Need It

Building strong healthy tissue is part of the healing process and needs to be dealt with asap to minimize your chance of re-injury or overcompensation injuries. You can help your plantar fasciitis injury during this healing process by maximizing blood flow in the area via use of a Plantar TShellz Wrap®.

The TShellz Wrap® is based upon LEC Response®, which stands for Localized Enhanced Circulatory Response®. We adopted this technology when we brought the TShellz to market several years ago, following a period of testing along with continuous improvement. The goal of a Localized Enhanced Circulatory Response® Treatment is to effectively stimulate localized blood flow in and around injured soft tissues. The vasodilation effect increases blood flow by reducing vascular resistance within targeted tissues in the treatment area. This provides soft tissue with much needed oxygen and nutrients to augment the recovery process and to help you live life with less pain, more mobility, and reduced risk of re-injury (by enhancing the flexibility of tissues).

Increasing blood flow while maintaining or increasing tissue flexibility becomes the priority to bring in all the essential elements needed for natural healing within your own body. An increased blood flow is key as this maximizes the bodys' ability to self heal. An increase in blood flow accompanied with heat in soft tissue is known to help increase range of motion, and improve the flexibility of soft tissue - ensuring that the soft tissue recovery period does not last years.

put on on TShellz Elbow Wrap Front Porch

We believe the use of TShellz Wraps® for boosting blood flow in the area of application is one of the most under-utilized home treatment options available on the market today. We have client after client that have tried many options out there and have been amazed at how effective and fast the TShellz Wrap treatment can relieve pain and get you on the road to a quick recovery.

The intent of TShellz Wraps are to significantly increase bloodflow to tissue in the treatment area - period. With regular use of the Plantar TShellz Wrap:

  • Foot pain will be reduced*.
  • With increased blood flow, tissue in the bottom of the foot will recover at an accelerated rate*.
  • Due to increased warmth in soft tissue, the corresponding joint will have a larger range of motion and increased extensibility of collagen tissue*. This should translate into a reduced rate of injury occurrence as soft tissue becomes more flexible.
    (*Chapter 9 of "Therapeutic Heat and Cold", 4th edition. (amazon.com link - Ed. Justus F. Lehmann, M.D., Williams, and Wilkin)

Attach the TShellz Wrap® around your foot, plug it in and let the Energy Pad do the work!

if you have plantar fasciitis, get rid of your flip flops

*Know that every personal soft tissue injury is unique and the TShellz Wrap may not work for everyone. This is why we offer a 60-day money back return on all our TShellz Wrap devices. Our high quality wraps are registered with the FDA as medical devices which meet high manufacturing standards.

TShellz Wrap® = A Localized Enhanced Circulatory Response® Treatment

If you want to heal quickly, you need to keep your blood moving and that's where TShellz® Circulatory Boost Wraps come in. What is Circulatory Boost? It's a substantial increase in the flow of blood to soft tissue without the need to exercise your weakened joint. This is what the TShellz Wrap® does... you can really feel it work!

Have you seen what happens when you add water to a flower wilted from drought? An injured muscle is kind of like a "wilted" flower - your body wants to heal the injury but needs lots of nutrients to do it. Blood supports and facilitates new life by delivering healing nutrients and oxygen that are vital for the growth and repair of soft tissue. Furthermore, an increased blood flow is more effective at carrying away toxins and waste - this all adds up to increased capability of your body to heal soft tissue. Without a good supply of blood, damaged soft tissue simply will not heal in a timely fashion.

Both during and after the treatment, soft tissue (muscle, tendons, ligaments, bursae) will experience an increase in blood flow even though your body is at rest.

In order to get maximum blood flow to your foot and surrounding soft tissue, you need to help your body stimulate blood flow - you need a TShellz® Circulatory Boost Wrap. A Localized Enhanced Circulatory Response® Treatment is intended to be fastest and easiest pain-free way to increase localized blood flow and is a key part of MendMeShop's home conservative treatment plan.

A Localized Enhanced Circulatory Response® Treatment is Achieved Via the TShellz Wrap®

During a treatment, and for quite some time after you finish, the treated area will experience increased blood flow even though your body is at rest. It's a soothing sensation and extremely effective. With a TShellz Wrap® application, injured soft tissue is constantly being fed with healing, nutritious, oxygen and energy filled blood. This is exactly the fuel that soft tissue needs to heal.

How A TShellz Wrap® Works

A TShellz Wrap® is purely a Circulatory Boost workhorse! It is why we made them. They have been specifically designed for boosting blood flow, reducing inflammation and relieving pain from strained, spasming or damaged soft tissue (muscles, bursae, tendons, etc). Based on results from past clients, we are confident that they will be very beneficial for most of our future customers.

TShellz Wraps® contain an Energy Pad which is very pliable and will conform pretty much anywhere on the body. The Energy Pad emits a uniform wave of energy over the entire treatment area. This energy travels into soft tissue, stimulating blood flow that your body requires to help heal your injury. Blood flow is crucial to the healing process.

blood circulation boost natural healing

Increased Blood Flow = More Oxygen, More Nutrients and Less Toxins in Soft Tissue

The unit plugs into a wall outlet to get its power. It has a special signal controller which can be set for 3 different power levels of application (3=High, 2=Medium, 1=Low). The cord is long enough that you can sit or lie comfortably and watch TV, read or surf the net while you're using it.

Back of Heel TShellz Wrap coverage
Bottom of Foot TShellz Wrap coverage

Use a TShellz Wrap® to Deal with Scar Tissue & Reduce Re-Injury Risk

Muscle tissue tears will heal with massive amounts of scar tissue that's brittle, inflexible and will cause pain and stiffness.

Do you have strained, sprained, pulled, torn or cramped tissue injury that's painful, sore and always seems to get re-injured? Repetitive injury is a likely sign that you have a lot of scar tissue in the area; scar tissue is ultimately what causes stiffening in the joint, restricting movement and flexibility. This inflexibility can result in sharp pain when you stretch, as the scar tissue is literally ripping away from what it has attached to.

Scar Tissue: Fast Growing

During the healing process (after a fresh soft tissue injury) your body will fill in tears in tendons, muscles or ligaments with dense, brittle tissue called "scar tissue". Your body uses scar tissue as a temporary solution to "patch up" tears/microtears in soft tissue; it will build scar tissue as fast as possible to heal tears in soft tissue.

Scar tissue is typically the MAIN reason for a chronic (long term) soft tissue injury. Even when inflammation had long disappeared, scar tissue will still be there to wreak havoc on the elasticity of your tissue(s) - continually hampering and further constricting range of motion. Negative on-going issues with scar tissue typically result in a worsening tear, a full rupture, related soft tissue injuries to nearby connective tissue, and/or joint instability. Eventually, surgery may be required to "clean out" the scar tissue in an attempt to bring back functionality to the joint. A surgeon will weigh the pros and cons of performing scar tissue removal as the surgery itself will create scar tissue.

Scar Tissue: A Jumbled Mess

Scar tissue will form fast to deal with a strain, pull or tear - but working fast doesn't mean that the job's done right. When scar tissue forms it doesn't come together as neatly as regular (healthy) tissue would. Scar tissue fibers will lay down over top of your injury in a cluttered, messy and jumbled up way. This is how scar tissue works. The scar tissue that forms to fix your soft tissue injury will be unorganized and won't line up properly with the healthy tissue surrounding the injury site.

Scar Tissue: Attaches to EVERYTHING

Anyone who had dealt with serious problems relating to scar tissue would probably wince at this. I mean, imagine the pain of trying to move your joint when scar tissue in your muscle or tendon is also attached to bone or to skin - any movement of the area means shooting pain as the scar tissue starts to rip any soft tissue it is attached to. Scar tissue can and does attach to everything it can, including surrounding healthy tissue and even bone. This can result in a long-term fusing together of the soft tissue that stiffens muscles and tendons, severely reducing mobility - it can literally freeze you up as every movement results in pain.

TShellz Wrap Coverage Toes MetaTarsals

You can reduce scar tissue growth and inhibit further injury to connective tissue in the foot by generating heat & increasing blood flow to the area;. We feel that treating yourself at home with a TShellz Wrap® is the easiest and most effective way to help improve Range of Motion, reduce pain in the area, reduce risk of worsening the injury while helping minimize the growth of stubborn scar tissue.

The heat effect from the TShellz Wrap will also relax and lengthen your soft tissue to help improve your range of motion and prevent atrophy (wasting away) of your surrounding tissue. This is why we recommend a TShellz Wrap® treatment before undergoing periods where there will be significant exertion in the injury area. (ie. before going to work, shopping, etc.)

Overall, continued treatment with the TShellz Wrap is intended to relax and lengthen soft tissue while boosting your body's soft tissue recovery; this helps improve range of motion while combatting atrophy (wasting away) of tendons, fascia and ligaments in the area. The TShellz Wrap is intended to reduce the chance of degenerative conditions by maximizing blood flow where it's needed most, preventing further damage, and dealing with scar tissue.

Scar tissue can quickly become a major, debilitating problem. The best way to deal with scar tissue is to minimize the amount of scar tissue that grows in the first place.

Conservative Treatment Tools Our Clients Have Used to Help Limit Foot Damage & Boost The Body's Soft Tissue Repair Process at Home:

If you are truly looking for the home treatment options to reduce inflammation, increase range of motion, and treat the source of pain quickly, a conservative treatment protocol including the following are what we consider to be the most effective:

  • A Cold Compress or Ice Pack to reduce inflammation wherever there is pain and/or swelling (as soon as possible).
  • A Plantar TShellz Wrap® [or a Sesamoid TShellz Wrap® if the location is at the metacarpals or toes] to increase blood-flow to the targeted treatment area (a Localized Enhanced Circulatory Response® Treatment).
  • MendMeShop Arnica Pain Cream for powerful, temporary relief of pain due to sore muscles and joints.
  • Perhaps a High Quality Knee Pillow for comfort while sleeping, sitting and raising the foot.
  • If you need compression, a Plantar Compression Band for compression and support in the foot - adjustable from heel to toe.
  • An Exercise & Stretching Plan to prevent muscle atrophy, shortened tendons/ligaments/fascia. A proper plan will increase soft tissue elasticity and strength in the affected area.

Conservative treatment tools just like these have been used successfully by thousands of foot injury sufferers - just like you.

The TShellz Wrap®: Intended to Enhance Blood Flow in the Treatment Area

We believe the use of TShellz Wraps® for boosting blood flow to soft tissue in the area of application is one of the most under-utilized home treatment options available on the market today. We have client after client that have tried many options out there and have been amazed at how effective and fast the TShellz Wrap® treatment has helped in their recovery.

Increased Blood Flow Stimulates the Bodys' Ability to Heal

With regular use of the Plantar, Sesamoid and/or Achilles TShellz® Circulatory Boost Wrap:

  • Your pain will be reduced*.
  • Due to increased blood flow, soft tissue in the treatment area on the foot will be expected to recover at an accelerated rate with reduced potential for re-injury*.
  • Tissue in the treated area should experience a larger range of motion and increased extensibility of collagen tissue* due to the heat effect on soft tissue. This should translate into a reduced rate of re-injury occurrence as soft tissue is known to lengthen and become more flexible when exposed to warm temperature. (*Chapter 9 of "Therapeutic Heat and Cold", 4th edition. - Ed. Justus F. Lehmann, M.D., Williams, and Wilkin)

*Know that every personal soft tissue injury is unique and the TShellz Wrap may not work for everyone. This is why we offer a 60-day money back return on all our TShellz Wrap devices.

When to use a TShellz Wrap®:

  • After swelling and inflammation are reduced.
  • BEFORE getting out of bed in the morning. BEFORE going to bed at night.
  • BEFORE exercise, workouts or activity of any kind to warm up the foot and increase length & elasticity of muscles, ligaments & tendons at the base of the foot. Increased elasticity and length of soft tissue is intended to help reduce risk of of re-injury.
  • AFTER surgery (once the skin wound has healed over and your physician approves) to boost blood circulation, helping surgically repaired tissues rebuild for long-term health and minimize scar tissue growth at the surgery location.
  • Anytime BEFORE you feel you might undertake activity that will put significant strain on your foot.
  • Any other situation where you need to increase blood flow to soft tissue in the foot to relax the area, relieve pain / spasms, prevent re-injury and enhance flexibility of tissue in the treatment area.
Achilles TShellz Wrap Treatment Before Skiing
MendMeShop Achilles TShellz Wrap®

Suffering from Achilles Tendonitis? This wrap is designed to treat lower calf and achilles location specifically.

For consistently active people with chronic achilles injury history, (ie. skiers, runners) we recommend an Achilles TShellz Wrap treatment prior to activity for re-injury risk reduction.

Sesamoid TShellz Wrap Treatment with Kitty Cat
MendMeShop Sesamoid TShellz Wrap®

This wrap is designed to:

  • increase extensibility & flexibility of metatarsals/sesamoid/toe areas during treatment & for a short while after
  • increase blood flow in the application area
  • be used on the TOP or BOTTOM of the foot

Plantar TShellz Wrap Cover Photo
MendMeShop Plantar TShellz Wrap®

Augment your recovery while reducing risk of re-injury. A Plantar TShellz application is intended to:

  • increase extensibility & flexibility of bottom foot fascia during treatment & for a short while after
  • increase blood flow in the application area

New Technology For The Best Therapy Available!

TShellz Wraps® are what we believe to be the most highly effective home medical devices out there - helping boost blood circulation, increase elasticity of soft tissue, reduce inflammation and minimize pain. It is a product we have developed specifically for this purpose. You can be certain it will do this, as we give full refunds if this is not the case.

The Energy Pad stimulates all the tissue beneath it evenly. The parts of your body that are healthy will rapidly respond with increased blood flow and there will be little sensation in that area. As your body continues to recover you'll also notice a decrease in pain and the range of motion in your foot should slowly start to improve. So not only does pain and inflammation go away, but with every treatment you can feel the difference - you can tell your injury is getting better.

TShellz Wraps® - Premium Quality, 100% Guaranteed!

Plantar TShellz Wrap for Injury Treatment

Like all our products, TShellz Wraps® are high quality wraps you will find nowhere else. We have them for every part of the body. And, of course, we guarantee our wraps with the MendMeShop 60 day, money back guarantee. If you are not finding any improvement after using our TShellz product over a 60 day period, contact us for a full refund. We also provide a full year warranty on our TShellz Wrap® devices.

So, if you're really looking for an effective home therapy to treat torn or strained connective tissue; if you're looking to reduce inflammation, treat scar tissue, boost blood circulation and strengthen soft tissue, the TShellz Wrap® is what we recommend. We feel it is an exceptional home based approach to maximizing your soft tissue injury recovery process.

AidMyPlantar is committed to bringing you quality products for helping you relieve pain and boost blood flow to maximize your home recovery. These products are quickly revolutionizing the way the therapeutic industry thinks about soft tissue treatments and come highly recommended by our customers. If you have injured soft tissue that you want to deal with quickly, harness the power of your own body to heal itself and boost blood flow to the area, accelerating the body's own healing bio-mechanism.

Post Surgery Recovery

For Post-Surgery Recovery, cold is recommended by doctors to treat pain and swelling in a natural, non-addictive way.

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After the incision site has healed, use our TShellz Wrap® home treatments to stimulate blood flow in the area. Using the TShellz Wrap® as soon as pain & swelling has reduced following your surgery will help minimize scar tissue growth that forms in soft tissue at the surgery site as you heal. Treating scar tissue is often one of the most important steps following surgery, especially the more invasive surgeries as they typically result in high growth levels of scar tissue. This is also why you should never skip phyical therapy appointments - their primary goal is to get you limber - much of the work in physical therapy is to break up scar tissue and get you mobile again; physical therapy is a crucial component in the recovery process.

Leaving post-surgery scar tissue untreated can lead to stiffness, chronic pain, osteoarthritis or other chronic conditions. You're more likely to end up with another injury if you choose not to deal with the scar tissue that develops in your soft tissue - this is why pretty much all post surgery recoveries involve physical therapy. The TShellz® Circulatory Boost Wrap encourages more oxygen and nutrients to flow to the area to help your body in its recovery process. An increase in blood flow should also help improve the strength of soft tissue in the area.

Our Formula is Proven to Work!

We are very confident our T•Shellz home therapy products will assist you in recovering from your injury by reducing your swelling and inflammation induced pain, maximizing blood flow where it's needed most and increasing the flexibility, range of motion in the area.

guaranteed customer satisfaction

Here at AidMyPlantar we pride ourselves in helping you with your healing and recovery process. Everyone at AidMyPlantar has tested and used the products. Dedication to our customers and our products goes hand-in-hand with our guarantees to you as a customer:

  • Guarantee #1 - Use your products diligently for up to 60 days and you will experience a significant reduction in pain. If not, I encourage you to send back the items for a 100% refund.
  • Guarantee #2 - You will not be left in the dark after purchasing any products from us. AidMyPlantar Advisers and Product Specialists are available 7 days a week by toll free phone 1-866-237-9608 or email to answer your questions or concerns.
  • Guarantee #3 - Your order is guaranteed to be shipped within 24 hours on every business day.
  • Guarantee #4 - All purchases receive a one year, full replacement warranty with guaranteed, prompt service.
  • Guarantee #5 - You could save hundreds of dollars and possibly more, by utilizing our products, and getting back to work sooner.

Yes, they are that good. See for yourself.

The TShellz Wraps® are FDA Registered Medical Devices, and are suitable for use in therapeutic clinics. Since they are completely safe for patients to use themselves as instructed, they are now available for use at home.

Once treatment is complete, you also have the option of tightening the straps to provide light compression support for your injured joint. You can also unplug the device from the power supply enabling you to move around the home, office or clinic freely and still use the wrap for support and comfort.

we have thousands and thousands of satisfied customers

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